„The place excites and delights our visitors. It is located nearby the Wiączyń wood, hiding wondrous secrets of nature. The landscape is a part of the old Łódź forest being a big piece of the history of our city. It’s a perfect place for outdoor recreation, all kinds of business and other occasional events.“
Centrum Sportowo - Rekreacyjne "ZBYSZKO",
Wiączyń Dolny 58a, 92-701, Nowosolna / Łódź,
tel. +48 697 870 028 , e-mail: biuro@centrumzbyszko.com.pl
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"ZBYSZKO" Sports and Recreation Center

“It is not that we have so little time but that we lose so much. ... The life we receive is not short but we make it so; we are not ill provided but use what we have wastefully.”


They say that happy knows no hours... Unfortunately, we all miss the time that can be spent enjoying ourselves.

ZBYSZKO Sports and Recreation Centre favours the lucky and for hose who don’t know how to catch the day suggests how to get use of the „carpe diem“ maxim. One has to take care of the time for pleasures. It is the only way to achieve harmony, clarity and peace of mind.

Our Centre is located in the picturesque area near the Wiączyń woods. This idyllic landscape is a part of the old Łódź forest, that gives enormous possibilities for active leisure, family as well as infividual esepcially that the ZBYSZKO Horse Riding Club is equipped with a professional indoor and outdoor hippodrome. Time spent in an active manner is the best energy drink, without preservatives and artificial colourings...

Thanks to our accomodation facilities and delicious cuisine, the ZBYSZKO Sports and Recreation Center is a perfect place for companies that wish to organize a business meeting, training and conference that nobody is goind to waste time on...

Those who wish to celebrate their personal ceremonises (wedding, first communion, jubilees and anniversaries) can be assured that the moments spent here will be eternity because the memory stops the time...

ZBYSZKO Sports and Recreation Center is an idela place also for children. Although the time of childhood is considered carefree also the youngest have their worries. We have got the remedy for this! We organize field trips and horse riding camps. We help children spend time in a creative way.

ZBYSZKO Sport and recreation Center is waiting for those who wish to join the exclusive group of people who don’t count the time.

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